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Gest 2 (Wonder Woman)

Iconic Gestures

The artist Dara Birnbaum made a videotape collage, edited from an episode of the Wonder Woman TV series (starring Linda Carter), that looped the moment when Diana Prince transforms herself into Wonder Woman by spinning around. This tape exemplifies the way Pop Art isolates and marks certain faces, scenes and gestures from entertainment culture as “language.” These icons form a kind of writing, a shorthand system for alluding to whole semantic domains of information.This “spinning” movement, for example,  may evoke “Wonder Woman” across media and platforms, wherever it appears (metamorphosis).Exercise: Locate and document the iconic features of each of your popcycle discourses (Family, Entertainment, History, Career). 

Wonder Woman

Powers:She is amazing in power…. She has bracers that can deflect bullets. In addition she has a telepathically controled invisible jet and lasso. The lasso also forces anyone caught in it to tell the truth. In addition to all this she is both really smart and really strong.

Origin: She was created on Paradice island, making her an amazon… where she was a statue of a little girl. Her mother/artist begged one of those Greek gods, Aphrodite or Athena, (The cartoon calls her both) to bring her to life… and just like pinochio she was alive. She was faster than Mercury and stronger than Hercules. She was always great but they hold a tournament for the best on paradice island to find someone to join the superfriends…. And Diana(Wonder Woman) sneaks into the contest in disguise and wins.

Her favorite saying seems to be “Great Hera”

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